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14.50Unnumbered biographical notes and acknowledgments

In journals or multiauthor works, a brief biographical note on the author or authors may appear as an unnumbered note on the first page of each article or chapter. Alternatively, some publications put such notes at the end of the article or chapter. Such identifying notes are unnecessary when the work includes a list of contributors with their affiliations. (See also 1.62, 1.20.)

Alice Y. Kaplan teaches in the Department of Romance Studies at Duke University. She is the author of Reproductions of Banality: Fascism, Literature, and French Intellectual Life (1986); Relevé des sources et citations dans “Bagatelles pour un massacre” (1987); a memoir, French Lessons (1993); and The Collaborator: The Trial and Execution of Robert Brasillach (2000).

Similarly, special acknowledgments may be given in an unnumbered note, sometimes appended to the biographical information.

The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Janni R. Blazer of the Chain and Fob Archive in the preparation of this chapter.

Michael Saler is assistant professor of history at the University of California, Davis. For their comments and assistance the author would like to thank T. W. Heyck, Norma Landau, D. L. LeMahieu, Fred Leventhal, Chun Li, Dianne Macleod, Peter Mandler, Paul Robinson, Peter Stansky, Meredith Veldman, Chris Waters, and the Mabel Macleod Lewis Memorial Foundation.